helping those who help others

At Johnson County United Way, we don't give directly to individuals or families - we support those organizations that are the front-line resources for individuals and families. We do this through multiple avenues, including quarterly allocations to funded partners, providing access to United Way resources such as FamilyWize prescription discount cards, connecting volunteers to agencies, and directing those in need to the appropriate resources. United Way also works in the background with a network strategy of supporting community partners as they strive to meet immediate needs on a daily basis. Our vision for the future is to offer a community hub for resources where numerous agencies can be housed in one location to make receiving and offering services easier and more efficient.

But we can't do any of this without your help!

Funded Partners

When you give to Johnson County United Way, you can rest assured that your funds are being used appropriately. We currently allocate to 15 nonprofit entities in the county, each of them undergoing a stringent application process and review by our Board of Directors. This process ensures that our funded partners are being good stewards with their funds, are providing relevant and necessary programs to our community, and are seeking to work together for the good of everyone in Johnson County.

For more information and a list of our funded partners, please see the Funded Partners page.